Wednesday, October 19, 2005

October 19th

October 19, 2005

I’d planned on an easier day yesterday. Sioux Falls to Chicago. According to an online distance-checker, it was 474 miles. Well, the site was wrong by about 100 miles. Then I made the mistake of going through Chicago at rush hour. Bumper to bumper for 40 minutes or more. I’d been driving since 8:00 am. By now it was after sundown, I was hungry, Gus was ready to get out of the car, and my nerves were fraying from the craziness of the city. At one point I realized I had a train to my left, a plane flying overhead, and a sea of cars in front of and behind me; the cabin flashed in my mind: the wood stove crackling, the crickets peeping, the moon rising over Rattlesnake Ridge. It’s strange not to see fir trees everywhere. And I miss the smell of the canyon: that dry scent of madrone, bay laurel, Douglas fir.

After four days of driving, I finally found my maps! I’d put them in one of the backpacks. Now, though, I pretty much know where I am and where the road goes. I’m getting on I-80 East this morning. I’ll probably make one more overnight stop: Pennsylvania somewhere. Then home, though it’s really not.


At 10:47 AM, Blogger Naazia said...

Hello! I got your comment on my blog and was very surprised to hear from the writer of this poem I've liked for so long now! My high school poetry teacher, Ms. Moore, read it aloud at an open mic and I asked her for a copy cuz it resonated with me. Hope it's okay that I put it on my blog like that... And now with this blog, I hope to read more of your work :)


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